• Your Choice for Auto Diesel Repair in Central Illinois

    Based in Macon, we service diesel from all over Central IL including Mt. Zion, Forsyth, Decatur and all surrounding communities.

    Do you drive a diesel? If so, then you know diesels are different than your average gas-powered vehicle. They take special parts, repairs, and maintenance to ensure a long lifespan. This is especially important for truck drivers and business owners of commercial diesel vehicles. Luckily, you can always contact the pros at Foremost Truck & Trailer Specialists for the service you need to keep your diesel on the road longer. Established in 1995, we have the skills and experience to perform auto diesel repair, diesel repair, and maintenance to any diesel vehicle. 

  • Superior Diesel Service in Decatur IL

    At Foremost, we take great pride in providing the best in diesel service. When you trust your vehicle to us, you can count on the utmost professionalism. We provide the following as part of our services:

    • Follow a thoughtfully planned inspection checklist
    • Test drive vehicles to diagnose all problems
    • Use computerized equipment to pinpoint problems
    • Raise your vehicle to provide repairs without stressing your vehicle
    • Inspect brakes, steering, and other systems
    • Perform routine maintenance including oil and filter changes
    • Test drive vehicles to ensure smooth performance
  • Brake Repair & Replacement

    When you drive a heavy diesel vehicle, you know how important it is that you’re able to stop effectively. If you notice problems with your brakes, you can’t take the chance of them going out and causing injury to someone else. Contact our staff for repair and replacement of all brakes, brake components and braking systems including:

    • Disc Brakes
    • Rotors
    • Pads
    • Calipers
    • Brake Hardware
    • Drum Brakes
    • Wheel Cylinders
    • Return Springs
    • Parking Brakes
    • Brake Cables
    • Hydraulic Braking Systems
    • Master Cylinder
    • Brake Fluid
    • Brake Hoses
    • Power Booster
    • Air Brakes
  • Bad Brake Warning Signs

    • Squealing or grinding noises
    • ABS dash light turns on
    • Truck pulls to one side when braking
    • Brakes are difficult to press
    • Brakes don’t engage
    • Vehicle Shakes when Braking
  • Intake

    The intake manifold is the part of the vehicle that distributes air to the engine, playing a key role in the function of your vehicle. However, these parts undergo a lot of stress and are prone to breaks and leaks. Take a look at the reasons your intake manifold is leaking and what you can do about fixing it.

    • Diesel Pressurized Intake Systems
    • Turbo chargers
    • Charge air cooler
    • Hoses
  • Air Conditioning

    • Compressors
    • Dryers
    • Evaporators
    • Condenser cores
    • Custom air conditioning lines
  • Coolant Leak Symptoms

    • Loss of coolant
    • Engine overheating
    • Lack of heat
    • Engine Codes
    • Oil Contamination
  • Hydraulic Hoses and Fitting

    Do you need a specific hydraulic hose assembly? Our professional hydraulic hose technicians will make a custom hose to fit your needs.  We make custom hoses for the farming and construction community. 

  • Engines & Transmissions

    When it comes to diesel engines and transmissions, there’s no better name to know than Foremost Truck & Trailer Specialists. We’ve got the experience to service engines and transmissions for all types of diesel vehicles including the following:

    • Diesel Pick-Up Trucks
    • Dually Pick-Up Trucks
    • Semi-Trucks
  • Drivelines

    We provide repair and service of drivelines for all diesel vehicles. With a vehicle this big, it’s vital that you can precisely control your speed to ensure the safety of those in and around the vehicle. Drivelines allow you the ability to control that speed, and we provide repair and replacement of these components.

  • Transmission Gear Box

    A bad gearbox could be big trouble for your diesel vehicle. From semi-trucks to diesel pickups, it’s good to know the local professionals that can use their skills to solve all your semi-truck or diesel gear-box problems.

  • Custom Welding & Fabrication

    Need to make repairs or modifications to your vehicle and trailer? We provide custom welding and fabrication services for heavy-duty and diesel vehicles and trailers. Please contact our staff for more details or for an evaluation of your needs.

  • Steering Systems

    Worn, loose, or broken components affect your ability to control your vehicle and can cause major issues. If you are having issues with your steering for the suspension system, give us a call today.

    • Steering Gear Box
    • Tire Rod Ends
    • Drive Links
    • King Pins and Spindles
    • Bearing & Wheel Seals
    • Rear Drive Axles
    • ABS Sensors
    • Wheel Bears